1. The Eucharist, Gift of God for the life of the world

In our religious practices, the Eucharist occupies a primordial place. It is an encounter with God that we love and a response to our faith. Each rite of the celebration has a deep sense which challenges our Christian attitudes to realize the message of Jesus in our life. Gathering together, reconciliation, Word, Listening, offering, interceeding, communion and sending are elements that weave our every day life read more

The Gift of the Word
Eucharist and creation
The gift of the presence of Jesus among us
The gift of forgiveness
The gift of peace
Eucharist and service

2. Paul, apostle of the nations

Paul, the apostle of the nations one of the best known among the personalities of the New Testament, thanks to the acts of the apostles and his letters to the churches where he himself talks about his origins.” I am a Jew. Born in Tarsus in Cilicia, but brought up here in Jerusalem as a student of Gamaliel. I received strict instructions in the law of our ancestors and was just as dedicated to God as are all of you who are here today.” (Acts 22:3)

Go into the world
The Church, Body of Christ
Paul and John, Apostles of Love
The work of our hands

3. Tell This Generation to March on!

I recall the beginning of my vocation. I try to see the meaning of all these experiences where I felt challenged, where God led me to set out on my journey.

Different Paths for the Journey
The road to Emmaus




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