A Special Pilgrimage
Raymonde B
Mrs Raymond Bloy is a member of the Associates in Calgary. She wanted to meet other groups and visited us in Montreal a little more than a year ago. But she wanted to do more and discover the places where Mary de la Passion lived. A short time ago, she accomplished her dream and she tells of her discoveries in a grateful letter. Read more...


An Associate in MadagascarLyne

I ask Jesus to come to my aid as I am still scared to go out alone.  When we state that God is unpredictable, it really is true. My prayer is barely voiced when it is answered by a knock at my door.  Sr Marie-Joseph asks if I would go with her downtown, about a 30 minute walk.  I was so taken aback.  God is so present when we let go and trust in our Lord.
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Missionary Experience in Ecuador, 2007Raymonde C.

My brief stay in Ecuador gave me a completely new perspective on my Christian faith. I learnt to pray differently by maybe learning to ask through prayer, but also grasping how to be silent in order to listen. All the joyous occasions gave me the opportunity to share with my God and thank God for all his marvels. Read more...





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