feaste of the tentsWith what joy I took part in the "Feast of the Tents" with the Franciscan Family! "To live together and share" showed up quickly on my way to the get together. Ludmilla, fmm novice, and Shirley, pre-novice, brought me to it with great joy.

The first night the young organizers were on the move all over the place, big smiles on their face, and a warm welcome indicated a profound desire to create links.

Immediately confidence crept on me, giving me wings to go and meet others. Confidence established, I asked people if they would participate in the prayer meeting on Saturday. Without hesitation, all accepted joyfully!

celebrationNow, I looked differently at the noteworthy commitments of the young people. There is, in them, this desire to know other cultures, to achieve and to fulfill themselves. Exists in their hearts a hunger to discover God.

With Ludmilla and Shirley we accomplished a wonderful thing! We worked hard to harmonize the moment of adoration so that youth would participate in a true prayer that would satisfy their aspirations. We held in us a prayer that "contaminated" them all! The song of Taize was unanimously sung. Meditative silences, slipped in, and were full of sense and presence.
All creation was presented because it is the theme of "The Feast of the Tents". BLESSED BE YOU, OH LORD, FOR YOUR CREATION".

A HALT WAS PLANNED ON OUR WAY WHERE THE Blessed Sacrament would be elevated and our candles it. "BLESSED ARE YOU LORD FOR OUR SISTER MOON AND THE STARS" in heaven you formed them, clear, precious and beautiful.

prayerThe Blessed Sacrament was deposed at the place where we assembled for prayer. We sang: You love us, Source of Life - Taize. A life that restores darkness could not be more significant this night.

Various continents were evoked. What made the beauty of the prayer was that four continents were represented among our youth. Unfortunately there was no one from Oceania. Diversity reinforces our will to pray the Lord for his creation. All was so beautiful!

The peak moment of prayer was when the young people were invited to set down their candles at the foot of Jesus, on a map of the world, and to privilege this moment alone, with Jesus
They came forward… closed their eyes…. Knelt down quite simply. Some sat down straightforwardly in an attitude of respect and silence. Before going back to their places they would touch the foot of the Blessed Sacrament. It was very moving. I was particularly touched by this gesture, a revelation of the heart of the young people and the direction that they wanted to give to their lives. Recognize the presence of Jesus, greet Him in us, is what it meant to me. Prayer over, two of us accompanied the Blessed Sacrament in the chapel.

On our way home joy filled our hearts. We sang the Theme Song, we shared our joy of having lived this marvellous Franciscan week-end together. And… the pride of having brought the younger ones closer to God was a great feeling.


Norah Michelle, f.m.m.


© January 2007