Gjio HavenNews from Gjoa Haven – Nunavut

This summer during my absence from the far North I was one month in Montreal, in our community, on Laurier Street. I also spent six weeks with my family and the rest of the time I enjoyed my community in Winnipeg. On September 6, I returned to Kitikmeot. It was nice to feel welcomed and expected by these people whom I know and love.

Kids and the local leaders were most happy to start a new pastoral year. Children longed for Sunday school and the pastoral leaders needed a rest after taking turns during the summer for Sunday liturgy animation.

The first month back was very busy. Babies were born while I was away and the parents were very eager to have them baptized. All went well with our regular Friday night preparation for parents and godparents. On Sunday, September 23, I baptized 4 babies and more are waiting for their turn. It is a great joy for all to receive and mark with the sign of the cross all new members of our Christian Community. It is growing in number and I hope in spiritual life and responsibility for the mission.

BatismEvery day, after school, kids spend time at the mission. They enjoy doing different activities. Special emphasis is placed on the education of prayer, learning about Jesus and the values of Christian life. Parents are very proud! They openly manifest their joy when their children know how to pray.

On October 15, we will celebrate a marriage. Father Bogdan, from Pelly Bay, will visit us and consecrate hosts for months to come.

Father Daniel left Taloyoak and will begin a new ministry on October 1st in Repulse Bay. I am now asked to visit the community in Taloyoak every second month. At that time I will spend one week with the people.

A permanent deacon from Slovenia Franci Koncilija (62 years old) is helping in Churchill and discerning his future.

Let us pray for one another so that all our efforts may bring the Gospel of Love closer to the people we serve and love.

© November 2007