Under the Tutelage of Total Independence

GertrudeLet us see what this school teaches. The teachers, of this establishment, do not necessarily have the highest qualifications! But, without knowing, they offer a superior quality teaching. It is the teaching of a disciple of the Great Master.

infirmerie 1With total zeal, with the utmost patience, daily life is accepted with such apparent ease that nothing seems to disturb them… All is well whether the morning rising be at 6 am, 7 am, or 8 am. It is also fine if breakfast is served earlier or at a later time. The same acceptance whether the soup is to their taste or not, too hot or too cold! What about the sausage that is eaten without a comment when a nice boiled egg would be preferred. No grumbling even if silence and a bit of peace is desired when, instead, noise circulates around the room.

Even one’s desire to go to the chapel, to adore Jesus, is only possible at the time there is someone available to wheel the wheelchair. Why not accept it calmly?If breathing the outdoor fresh air is ever desired or expressed…Once again, one has to wait for someone or for the right moment. We see no impatience or regrets expressed. It is as if the peaceful acceptance of these anonymous teachers is an integral part of their lives.Everything happens calmly day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. Who are these anonymous teachers? Have you recognized them? Yes, our dear sick sisters in the infirmary. Who could ever tally the wealth of the graces accomplished for the sake of the Institute and our world?

infirmerie 1It is important to state that this high quality of life flows in harmony with the highly organized service of the infirmary. Bravo to the devoted smiling nurses and to the care given to each of the sick sisters. This school is open for all. The tuition is at its lowest. I can state that to experience this life is worth much of that gold in the world!

Gertrude Clark f.m.m.

© November 2008