Temporary Vows

Thanks be to God and Praise be to Him!

voeux de LudmillaMatthew (9: 9): Jesus was walking along… when he saw a man named Matthew sitting at the tax office and said to him, “Follow me”. He got up and followed him.

I thank God for the Grace he has given me to continue to say “yes” to the One who called me. I said my yes again on June 1, 2008, the day I pronounced my Temporary Vows. It was a meaningful day for me, with a beautiful ceremony I celebrated with my whole family, all 14 of them, plus a friend who came to mark this joyous event with me. A lot of preparations went into this day, with such love, talent, enthusiasm, and patience. Thank you, Lord, for all these people who made it possible!

During the ceremony it brought me joy to make my commitment to continue my religious life with the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary. Upon receiving my insignia, in front of my family and the whole congregation, there came again the desire of giving my whole life to God as I have always wanted to since I was six years old. It was a dream come true! I gave thanks to Him who helps me continue the journey with Him; I could not do it without His Grace.

GroupeThe homily that Father gave spoke to me directly, reminding me that He had called me by my name, that I am His; that this is the source I can draw upon for my whole life. Religious life is a challenge but I will never have to live it alone without God and my Sisters. I rely on the strength of God and my community, to stay on the path of the Gospel, to find Christ in those whom I meet and in those given to my care.
I thank God for the priests who celebrated the Mass for my temporary vows and also my Sisters present from the Novitiate, the Provincial House, and those who were with me in prayer.

To conclude, Sr. Simone announced that my continued formation would be in Winnipeg, Manitoba! So I thank God too for the wonderful community He has given me where I learn with Him and with the community how to live more deeply my life as an FMM. The journey never ends and thanks be to God for that. God bless you all!

Sr. Ludmilla M. Grabetz, fmm


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