Enlarge the Space for your Tent…Is. 54:2

Our community of the Immaculate Heart of Mary has been assigned a new mission. It all began on April 23, 2010 when we received a Sister of the Assumption. She was joined in mid-August by a second Sister. A suitable section of the building was set aside for their living quarters. Occasionally therefore they can receive other Sisters from their community for a fraternal get-together or members of their families. They share meals and liturgies with the FMM.
On December 10, 2010 our Provincial, Sr. Simone Bastien, came to propose another project: “Enlarge the space for your tent…!” This time we were faced with a real challenge: to receive into our community six novices who were the founding members of a new community, “The Queenship of Mary.” They had asked to make their canonical year of Novitiate with us. Sister Simone, amazed at the spontaneity of the affirmative response to this demand, spoke to Sr. Suzanne Philips about it and she gave permission for this experiment to take place. Again suitable arrangements were quickly made to accommodate them.
On February 10, 2011, His Grace, Terrence Prendergast S. J. Archbishop of Ottawa celebrated the Eucharist in our chapel and officially welcomed the six foundresses of The Queenship of Mary as Novices by giving each one a copy of the Constitutions of this community and naming Sr. Marianna Jung as Formator. A friendly gathering followed this touching ceremony. The Sisters of the Provincial community and of the Novitiate joined in the joyous celebrations.
It is a joy for us to be part of this endeavour, knowing that the Holy Spirit is calling us to take up this challenge through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Sr. Marianna will have our three FMM Novices join the other six for their initiation into religious life. Sr. Maria Nguyen will provide spiritual accompaniment as well as a course in the psychology of personality development. Sr. Bernadette Ward will teach them about the role of Mary in Scripture and Tradition throughout Church History, and will introduce them to some notable Church documents, while Sr. Aline Pakenham will immerse them in the French language!
We wish to work together towards the ideal that is religious life through Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament, devotion to the glorious and ever Virgin Mary and a total self-giving to God and to neighbour, so we are all trying to be and to act in such a way that the hopes we entertain will not fail to be realized. The aim is to create an atmosphere of prayer, peace, joy and fulfillment that will a source of fervour and healing joy. So already these young Sisters are one with us in a truly Franciscan spirit.
When God grants us the grace to find a pearl of great price, it is for our joy and encouragement!

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