May 2011

A Successful Visit

For more than seven weeks, we have enjoyed Sr. Christiane Mégarbané’s presence in our province. Her goal was to offer the annual retreat to our sisters. She offered it to different groups, including one in English to mean our bilingual needs. In her own words, it was the first time she offered a retreat in the language of Shakespeare. more...


My ministry as Chaplain
with the Canadian Forces Reserve Unit 2010

I have been working for the last three years as a Civilian Instructor at the Cadet Summer Training Centre in Trenton. However, this year I went to a different Training Centre. Being a Reservist, I was sent to the Canadian Forces Base at Blackdown, Borden, Ontario by my home unit, the 712 Communications Squadron, Westmount, Montreal. more...

February 2011

Our community of the Immaculate Heart of Mary has been assigned a new mission.On December 10, 2010 our Provincial, Sr. Simone Bastien, came to propose another project: “Enlarge the space for your tent…!” This time we were faced with a real challenge: to receive into our community six novices who were the founding members of a new community, “The Queenship of Mary." more...
Sept 2009

Trust in me and live in peace in humility, love, and joy
Arlene van Zyl pronounces her first vows

My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord!  For He has looked with favour on His humble servant!  The almighty has done great things for me!  Read more...


Ludmilla Temporary Vows
Thanks be to God and Praise be to Him!
Matthew (9: 9): Jesus was walking along… when he saw a man named Matthew sitting at the tax office and said to him, “Follow me”. He got up and followed him. Read more...
December 2008
The Franciscan Missionaries of Mary “are ready to go anywhere and everywhere”
A Franciscan Missionary of Mary is “dedicated to universal mission, ready to go anywhere and everywhere” confides Sr. Veronica Boucher to whom we asked on the occasion of the General Chapter of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary , to explain what a Chapter is as well as the charism of this community, rich in the experience of more than 7,000 sisters, in more than 850 communities and in 76 countries: they were able to follow the progress of the Chapter through the Internet! We publish below the first part of the interview. Read more... + photos.
November 2008


Eucharist as Gift from God for the Life of the World
This was the theme of the 49th International Eucharistic held in Quebec City from June 15th to 22nd, 2008. The theme and the Congress song remind us once again that Eucharist is truly a gift of God placed in our hands for the life of the world. These words resounded in our ears and hearts throughout this week of reflection, prayer, celebrations, and meetings. Read more...+ photos

Under the Tutelage of Total Independence
Let us see what this school teaches. The teachers, of this establishment, do not necessarily have the highest qualifications! But, without knowing, they offer a superior quality teaching. It is the teaching of a disciple of the Great Master. Read more...

June 2008    
Anna Mission – Development or Transformation?
Why was I sent to a « far away» mission? Was it just in order to help the poor and the needy? No. If it was only to help the poor and the needy, why was I not sent to some city in Canada: Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, or Quebec? Or even to one of the reserves for the First Nations people in the country? There are many people who need my helping hand in Canada. Read more...
Nov 2007
Gjoa Haven

News from Gjoa Haven – Nunavut
This summer during my absence from the far North I was one month in Montreal, in our community, on Laurier Street. I also spent six weeks with my family and the rest of the time I enjoyed my community in Winnipeg. On September 6, I returned to Kitikmeot. It was nice to feel welcomed and expected by these people whom I know and love. Read more...

August 2007


Experiencing awe and wonder at La Fête des Tentes
I really enjoyed La Fête des Tentes weekend in Quebec. The three day retreat was an excellent opportunity for personal reflection, for deepening my understanding about Saint Francis and the  Franciscan way of life, and for offering me a renewed sense of my life’s direction and mission. Read more...

May 2007
men My Experience at Father Latour Native Pastoral Centre
I give God thanks and praise for allowing me to live out one of my dreams of working with the Aboriginal people. Their way of life and seeing the world resonates deep within me (i.e. ideas about justice - that we must find why a person has stepped outside of the circle instead of immediate punishment, balance in one's life, not taking more than one needs, redistribution of goods, locking one's doors discouraging true relationships, etc.). I was also able to live my dream of following the gospel call to live out the works of mercy while working with the homeless of Calgary Read more...
March 2007
Gjoa Haven

Mission in Gjoa Haven in the Canadian North

Fifteen thousand years ago the Inuit ancestors arrived in the Arctic. Nomads, they spent winter in igloos and summer in tents made of whale tusks, covered with sealskins. Living far from other people they kept their way of living until the 19th century. Life in the Arctic is very special. Temperatures, during four whole months of darkness, are in the minus fifty degrees. This time of blizzards makes it dangerous to go out. Read more... and photos

January 2007

Feast of th tents
With what joy I took part in the "Feast of the Tents" with the Franciscan Family! "To live together and share" showed up quickly on my way to the get together. Ludmilla, fmm novice, and Shirley, pre-novice, brought me to it with great joy.
The first night the young organizers were on the move all over the place, big smiles on their face, and a warm welcome indicated a profound desire to create links. Read