"The Franciscan view of life with its fundamental values of conversion, poverty, contemplation and minority, in the spirit of the Beatitudes, lived in the world in order to transform it, is our chosen path(...)

Franciscan life (our life) consists essentially in "following in the footsteps of Our Lord Jesus Christ" — not in being an admirer of Christ, looking on from a distance, but a disciple following in his very footsteps ... that closely! even as he journeys to "his hour" in Jerusalem. This radical following of Christ is possible only when we "have been enabled to follow" and our hearts "are inflamed by the fire of the Holy Spirit"

s.Maura O'Connor fmm

Francis had many moments when he was totally aware of God, and himself, moments in which all his senses were immersed in the divine presence. God entered Francis’ life, when he met the lepers, when he heard the Word of God.

As Francis entered into the mystery of God he discovered two principle features of God: the overflowing goodness of God and the humility of God.   


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