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Holy Father's Prayer Intentions For 2015


Universal: Peace

That those from diverse religious traditions and all people of good will may work together for peace.
Evangelization: Consecrated life
That in this year dedicated to consecrated life, religious men and women may rediscover the joy of following Christ and strive to serve the poor with zeal.

Universal: Prisoners

That prisoners, especially the young, may be able to rebuild lives of dignity.
Evangelization: Separated spouses
That married people who are separated may find welcome and support in the Christian community.

Universal: Scientists

That those involved in scientific research may serve the well-being of the whole human person.
Evangelization: Contribution of women
That the unique contribution of women to the life of the Church may be recognized always.

Universal: Creation

That people may learn to respect creation and care for it as a gift of God.
Evangelization: Persecuted Christians
That persecuted Christians may feel the consoling presence of the Risen Lord and the solidarity of all the Church.

Universal:Care for the suffering

That, rejecting the culture of indifference, we may care for our neighbors who suffer, especially the sick and the poor.
Evangelization: Openness to mission
That Mary’s intercession may help Christians in secularized cultures be ready to proclaim Jesus.

Universal: Immigrants and refugees

That immigrants and refugees may find welcome and respect in the countries to which they come.
Evangelization: Vocations
That the personal encounter with Jesus may arouse in many young people the desire to offer their own lives in priesthood or consecrated life.

Universal: Politics

That political responsibility may be lived at all levels as a high form of charity.
Evangelization: The poor in Latin America
That, amid social inequalities, Latin American Christians may bear witness to love for the poor and contribute to a more fraternal society.

Universal: Volunteers

That volunteers may give themselves generously to the service of the needy.
Evangelization: Outreach to the marginalized
That setting aside our very selves we may learn to be neighbors to those who find themselves on the margins of human life and society.

Universal: Opportunities for the young

That opportunities for education and employment may increase for all young people.
Evangelization: Catechists
That catechists may give witness by living in a way consistent with the faith they proclaim.

Universal: Human trafficking

That human trafficking, the modern form of slavery, may be eradicated.
Evangelization: Mission in Asia
That with a missionary spirit the Christian communities of Asia may announce the Gospel to those who are still awaiting it.

Universal: Dialogue

That we may be open to personal encounter and dialogue with all, even those whose convictions differ from our own.
Evangelization: Pastors
That pastors of the Church, with profound love for their flocks, may accompany them and enliven their hope.

Universal: Experiencing God’s mercy

That all may experience the mercy of God, who never tires of forgiving.
Evangelization: Families
That families, especially those who suffer, may find in the birth of Jesus a sign of certain hope.

    Your prayer intentions

  • Plse pray for Jeremy a speedy & full recovery of slip disc 
    on his neck and God heals him & grant him full mobility
    to drive bridal car safely . Bless them. & protect them always.
    Bless them with good weather as it has been raining lately.
  • Please pray for me to be completely and permanently healed of chronic diarrhea that I am suffering for the past 5 years and to be restored back to health.

  • Can you pray for the following request:

    Figueiredo Family Prayers, Intentions, Healing

    Mum Prayers, Intentions, Healing
    Dad Prayers, Intention, Healing
    Audrey Prayers, Intentions, Healing, Vocation and State in Life
    Roy Prayers, Intentions, Healing, Vocation and State in Life, Spiritual Direction, Divine Connections, Better Job
    Kevin Prayers, Intentions, Healing, Vocation and State in Life, Spiritual Direction, Divine Connections, Part-Time or Full-Time Job as I have been out of work for 8 years.

    Thanks and God Bless.

    Sincerely yours,Kevin
  • I would like to request prayers for two special intentions.  For a project that I am working on for the arch-diocese of Ottawa and for a job application.
    God Bless!

  • Further to a bad decision taken in a context of stress, important pecuniary and judicial consequences risk to put me in difficulties my family , my knowledge and my mom (89 years old),that my mom has the end of honorable life possible .Pray for me who am distraught not knowing any more in what to hope. I beg Our Lord Jésus and the Ste Vierge Marie to help and to take myself in pity and fulfil my prayer toresolve my problems.

    I would make everything to improve and give a better sense to my life in the faith and the hope and be more tuned in and at the needs of the others. Thank you. Alan

  • Thank you for praying with us daily in our longstruggle to God's Peace and Hopeunder painful and sorrowful circumstances! With the help of your daily prayers and God's Mercy we are able to continue to stay at our Post!!
    Please continue to pray with us daily for God's Healing, Protecting Peace and Hope! Our hearts our so heavy with pain, sorrow and exhaustion it goes beyond words! The death of our only son in recent years was the final blow in our already broken & shattered lives! But everything else on top of this!!! Never the less we hold on!!! PLEASE keep us in daily prayer Now and in the days ahead..July,August,Sept 2011, 2012...or as long as possible?? Please if Possible?? Thank you for your prayers and kindness in our dark night of the soul! We will keep you in our daily prayers! In his Mercy! Bill and Carol. Husband and Wife in Hope! Bill and Carol. oh.usa

  • Dear Sisters and Friars, I wrote to you last December requesting prayers for my husband Alberto. He is a lighting salesperson and due to the present economy and lack of construction he is barely making an income. He has just been contacted by a lighting company who is seeking to employ someone with his skills. He will be submitting a resume to be considered for the position.
    Please pray that the position be offered to him if it is the Lord's will. Please pray to Mary, the Saints and the Angels to intercede for this important need. Our trust is in the Lord and we have great faith in the power of prayer.
    We thank you for your past and present prayers for us. May the Lord continue to bless you .... Cari

  • Please pray for healing for a recently married young couple who have just learned that the husband has a hereditary desease that will leave him disabled in the future.

  • Pray for a lady who died suddenly whileshe was taken to hospital in an ambulance. May the Lord grant her eternal rest.

  • Pray for a couple who is in financial problem. May God grant them strength and the support of the others in the time of proof.







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