My hidden God, I adore You.

You are there in the Eucharist, man and God, and if I corresponded at last to your grace, I would unite my humanity to yours, I would even unite it to your divinity and I would share in all your attributes.

adorationO, overwhelming mystery of love! United to the All-Powerful, how great would be my power for your glory, O my God, for the Church, the Order, the Institute, and souls! I feel You want me to have this power of which I catch a glimpse.

United to the Eternal, how constant I would be in my love, in my resolutions, my affections, my enterprises, in everything.

United to Infinite Immensity, what greatness, what magnitude would take possession of all that I am and of all that I do.

United to God All-Holy, I will make holiness bear fruit in me and I will throw off everything contrary to it.

United to Infinite Wisdom, it will trace out my paths and I will cease intermingling my human thoughts with this Wisdom.

United to Infinite Goodness, I will be gentle and good towards God, towards all, towards myself, with a goodness that will be His.

United to Infinite Patience, my abandonment to love will be perfect.

United to Infinite Mercy, I will be Mother, with a supernatural maternity for all souls and for all causes.

In union with God, Host of love, I will be a victim of love.

My Lord and my God, I adore You.




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