Prayer to the Holy Spirit

The Spirit of Love, the Spirit of Truth: for Mary of the Passion, the Holy Spirit was truly a “Person” whom she loved.

ComeEsprit Saint
To us, Divine Spirit,
Come not only to me but to all,
You are not only tenderness and consolation
You are my life, O Spirit, You who lead me
To the Father and the Son
You who live in us until the end of time
To support us and enlighten our minds
You are the silent rain that falls in the Cenacle
A rain of fire which burns not but enlightens,
Consumes not but shines.

You the soul’s delightful guest
Come, You who bestow refreshing peace.
Come, supreme consoler
Our solace in the midst of woe.

Spirit or Knowledge, enlighten my soul
Come, Holy Spirit, re-establish true power ;
May You increase and may I decrease.

O Divine Spirit
Keep in us the fear of God which You infused
Into our hearts at Baptism
And perfected at Confirmation.
Teach me how to combine it
With peace and joy.

O Divine Spirit
Grant us humble obedience,
The faithful guardian of Holy Unity,
And maintain this unity
In the church, in the Institute and our families
In spite of long distances.

O Divine Spirit
It is from You that we ask the gift of counsel!
So that we may know what we ought to do.
Give us also piety which begs for light and help,
Charity which forgets self,
Compassion which soothes,
Zeal which works for God.

O Divine Spirit
I desire to possess You,
Come and reign on me
So that you may possess me in turn
And that I may never turn back
From walking the Evangelical path.

O Divine Spirit
By Your power,
May this spiritual transformation
Take place in me day by day.





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