Sr. Joanna Madynska arrives in our province
“To Accomplish The Father’s Plan of Love, To Continue the Mission of the Son, To Proclaim the Wonders of the Spirit, Sister Joanna, you are Sent To the Canadian Province.

JoannaIn the Service of Evangelization

On September 16th, 2006 during my Final Profession, I heard those words. It was quite a surprise and a moment of joy! It was also a question: Why me? I had no pastoral experience; I had no nursing diploma… God does not see as human beings see. God saw in the depth of my heart a great desire to serve him. And so, he chose a mission for me.

I have lived my entire life in Poland, except for 8 months where I went to Belgium to learn French. I completed my studies as a medical equipment engineer. I learnt to drive a car. I also learnt to be a bursar and I worked with our sick sisters.

Now, I am in Canada and once again, I must start learning anew. There are so many things, so many customs, and so many traditions that are so new to me. For several weeks, I have gotten to know the Province and its sisters. At times, I feel like a small child that needs to be led by others. I am lucky! I have met understanding people who gave me confidence and have led me step by step to a better grasp of this Province.

God gave me the grace of a community where I can live with sisters. Like a community, “we support one another on our journey towards the Lord” (Const. 20). I count on the prayers of the sisters. It is “together in Christ” that we can fulfill the Father’s plan of love.

S. Joanna Madynska fmm




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