Jubilee on 2009 - Montreal - 50 years

Soeur Hélène DufourSister Hélène Dufour

Hélène, from Charlevoix, was welcomed into the Novitiate in Quebec in September 1958. Hélène was a woman who did not belong to herself. Since the source of her motivation was Christ, she was devoted to the service of others. Christ had chosen her and she heard Him say: "Love as I loved you."
It was in her own country that she was to devote herself during her 50 years of Franciscan religious life. In Ottawa, Quebec and Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré she had several functions: the kitchen, the cafeteria, the service of the semi-autonomous Sisters and the distribution of smiles with all the love of her heart. As a hobby, she liked to create with fabric scraps and various trinkets beautiful craft items for our missionary shop.
Today you will find her in Montreal, still full of the spirit of service, helping in the cafeteria with authentic sisterly love. The requirements of this daily service are huge. Visitors constantly come and go. It is obvious that she is supported by her time of personal prayer and community life. The Lord has entrusted this mission to her, she places her faith in him.
During her Golden Jubilee celebration, she said: "What I am is entirely the work of God, the Trinity. My whole life has been a continuing education: I am the clay, He is the Potter; the work is his. Father, I praise you for the wonder that I am "



Jubilee on 2009





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