Jubilee on 2009 - Montreal - 60 years

Soeur Patricia Saint-CyrSister Patricia Saint-Cyr

Coming from a large family in Sherbrooke, Quebec, her missionary vocation drew Patricia to the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary, whom she joined in Quebec City in 1948. Given her liking and her skills in the service of education, teaching was assigned to her. For 18 years, her work, interspersed with studies was carried out in Canada, in the schools of St-Malo, Quebec, and Rigaud.

Her desire to live her mission beyond the seas was realized in 1970. First she was sent to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa. In 1979, while Principal of the High School in Kiezila, a school of approximately 3500 students, she was called to be Provincial of the Province of Guadeloupe-Guyane-Suriname, South America. Then, at the General Chapter in 1984, with seven other sisters of different nationalities, she was elected a member of the General Council of our Institute. This led to a period full of experiences with different missions all over the world. In 1991, she became Provincial of the Province of Canada, a Province that stretches from east to west. Her mandate ended in 2000. She then worked as coordinator for the Franciscan Inter-service Organization (SIAF): seven years of privileged relations which brought her into contact with the three orders of the Franciscan family of French Canada.

A bold and generous woman, Sr. Patricia has always given the best of herself. The Institute, our Associates and many others owe her deep gratitude. With the strength of her spiritual life and her competence, she has managed to educate, inform, listen, share and bring forth commitments. Her life is really the application of the reflection of Father Girard, OSB: "I will have reached the pinnacle of charity only when I will be completely given to my community."

The time of retirement has not yet come: another mission retains Sr. Patricia in the host community for student sisters from different countries, who come to Canada to complete their training. In this international community she is experiencing once again that “her country is the world ", as our Foundress , Mary of the Passion so aptly said. As she looks back over this long journey, Sr. Patricia gives thanks to the Lord again and again, recognizing that: “All is grace."



Jubilee on 2009





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