Jubilee on 2009 - Montreal - 60 years

Soeur Rolande SavoieSister Rolande Savoie

Rolande, a valiant woman from the Beauce, arrived at the Novitiate in Quebec in 1949. A very dedicated person, she gave without measure. One day, while working with the sick in Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, she received the call for Africa.
After a short stay in the General House in Rome, she headed for the Burkina Faso mission, and later on went to Togo where she stayed for 14 years. She gave her whole heart to service, especially to patients of the Nadjundi clinic.
Since she did not like to waste time, and furthermore, was endowed with remarkable physical strength, she got down to work as a nurse.

A true daughter of the ecologist Francis of Assisi, and also the daughter of a farmer, she soon dreamt of a garden and an enclosure with chickens and rabbits. Backed by our Missionary Centre in Canada and her family, she soon made a substantial contribution to the poor Togolese who appeared for treatment and whose diagnoses were invariably related to anemia, weakness, lack of protein ...
She returned home for additional training and returned to her mission, spruced up for her new assignment in an organization for 'Women in Distress,' and later in "Meals on Wheels," where she was to give dedicated service for several years ...
Currently semi-autonomous, Sr. Rolande has time for prayer, while occasionally helping in the community to the best of her ability.



Jubilee on 2009





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