Jubilee on 2009 - Montreal - 70 years

Soeur Marie-Blanche LevasseurSister Marie-Blanche Levasseur

The trial of losing her mother shortly after she entered the convent was crucifying for Blanche! Her mother’s absence at each visit from the family was very difficult to bear. But the Mistress of Novices accompanied Marie-Blanche with understanding and tenderness. Therefore with confidence, she continued her journey.
With all her heart, she helped in various services: in our convent kitchen, with the printing machines, as a member of the choir and the team of liturgy in a parish in Quebec City. The Lord endowed her with a beautiful voice; she had always loved singing and she expressed her thanksgiving by facilitating Sunday celebrations.
In Quebec City, Montreal and Ottawa, (large works), she was responsible for the pantry. It was not easy to sort out and arrange the fruits and vegetables from the market and carefully manage these material goods, often offered gratis. She was also in charge of the cafeteria and the ladies who came for retreats. In short, wherever God needed her hands and her heart for the happiness of others, she was happy to answer: here I am.
For a few years, she volunteered to help “Jesus Marie et Notre Temps”, a work housed in the convent in Montreal. She was very happy to have this work and offer it to Mary. She experienced personal growth in this atmosphere.
Since her admittance to the infirmary, she enjoys the silence, listening to tapes that support her inner life and help her prepare her "wedding dress". Celebrating 70 years of Franciscan religious life she radiates love when she says: "I live in peace and joy, always happy to say: Thank you, my God!"



Jubilee on 2009





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