Jubilee on 2009 - Montreal - 75 years

Soeur Alice AudetteSister Alice Audette

When still very young, Alice met a Franciscan Missionary of Mary, who was visiting in Regina, Saskatchewan. Interested in their way of life she immersed herself in reading their chronicles. Gradually, there arose in her heart the call to this missionary congregation. Painful sacrifices marked the year 1933 for the family, the year of her official entry into the Novitiate in Quebec at age of 17. What a 'transplant’! Although she knew she was ready to welcome her new way of life, she herself was surprised at her ability to adapt and her interest in working in the various workshops: printing, painting, shaping tin, sewing ... and even playing the organ to accompany the singing of monastic psalms.
Happy in her path, 'accepting the Word of God and available to the Spirit to live and proclaim the Good News', she deepened her vocation to Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and passed through every stage of her training in the Franciscan way of life. In addition to the English courses she provided for novices, she undertook various other occupations with enthusiasm: harbinger of an astonishing career as an educator
Years of formation over, Sr. Alice was called to Winnipeg for catechetical activities, while learning how to teach. She completed university studies and was then assigned to teach in St. Laurent, Manitoba. She would hold that wonderful role in the field of education for 22 years. Her reputation as an educator earned her many an honorable mention, and among the hundreds of teachers she trained, many have held positions of trust, at home and abroad.
When Sr. Alice left St. Laurent it was to accept, in total availability, other responsibilities needed in the Institute. First she went to Rigaud, QC, then to Prince George, BC, where she worked with the Amerindians, and the tertiaries of St. Francis. From there, she went to Calgary, Alberta, where she was appointed private secretary to the Bishop.
A dignified religious, a warm and competent woman, discreetly present, her remarkable Franciscan simplicity and ease of contact, made her well-liked. We admire her life of faith, as well as her wisdom and humanity.
At 93 years she now has a room in the infirmary and has no requirements, greeting each new day as a gift from the Lord. She draws strength and happiness in the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and in selected readings ...
Dear Sister Alice, be cheerful, be jubilant ... you celebrate seventy-five years of religious life!




Jubilee on 2009





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