Jubilee on 2009 - Montreal - 75 years

Soeur Donalta DuchesneauSister Donalta Duchesneau

It is a time of jubilation for S. Donalta who at 93 years, celebrates 75 years of religious life. Born in Portland, United States, she grew up in Canada, and it was at the Juvenate St. Mary of the Roses, in Rigaud, that she pursued her studies, that she strengthened her call to religious life. It was in the Novitiate, that she developed her talent for sewing and embroidery and learned the art of making liturgical vestments.
Her first field of apostolate was Notre-Dame de la Providence, St Malo, Québec, where, for over 15 years, she was an educator in the first elementary cycle (children aged 6 to 9). Her heart and her energy went out to these socio-economically weak young people. Most of these students received lunch at school, paying 3 pennies for it to protect their dignity.
S. Donalta was always good at heart and worked for the success of her students, so she was perfectly at ease in this position where she obtained perfect discipline. Her 3rd year boys remember the pride they felt when they agreed to be called 'Monsieur Pierre', 'Monsieur Jacques', in line with their discipline and good conduct in general. And what about their times in the theatre, thanks to this talented religious: to sing, recite poems, take part in choreography events! Pride was seen in the parents’ eyes! Sunday afternoon was the time for a meeting for young girls in the "Mary Assunta Circle" or a day when they coordinated educational events; the Sisters organized plays and the brilliant performance of these young "stars" gave celebrity to the milieu.

Admitted for a rest at the convent on Grande-Allée, Quebec,Sr. Donalta looked after the shop as well as the chapel for worshippers that tourists visited every summer.(then a diocesan shrine of worship of the Blessed Sacrament).
S. Donalta was next named bursar of the convent of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré and then of Montreal, until her heart sounded the alarm, calling for more care... Right now, tried by a profound deafness and the weakness of age, she continues her life in the infirmary. It is with great generosity that she is giving away a thousand and one items to those who can use them: “Servant of the Lord for the Church and the World ".



Jubilee on 2009





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