My Vocation Story

Hello my name is Karen. I am originally from Sri Lanka. My vocation story began a few years ago when I decided to listen and follow the desire which had begun to take root in my heart.

During my formative years as a child and adolescent, God had already begun to knock at the door of my heart placing within it a desire to enter Religious life. However the world with all its glamour seemed to be more attractive and my dreams for the future were filled with marriage, family and success.

As I stepped into young adulthood my desire to become a religious became much stronger and with an open mind and heart I began to look into and gather information about different religious congregations. My wish was to experience life for a few days in a small fraternity. The Franciscan Missionaries of Mary opened their hearts and home to me as they welcomed and invited me to spend a few days at their convent in Madoc, Ontario. As a community the sisters took the time to answer my many questions which gave me a broader vision of religious life in our world today. I continued to journey with the sisters as I discerned my vocation and the path into which God was leading me.

With courage and enthusiasm I entered the pre-novitiate in September of 2003. As I lived and shared life with the sisters I grew in my understanding of the Institute and the mission of Christ to which each one of us is called to live in our daily life. After a year of discernment I entered the novitiate on September 15, 2004.
I am currently in my second year and living my apostolic experience in Montreal. I volunteer daily at a food bank where I meet and serve many people from different backgrounds cultures and countries.

Working closely with the poor, marginalized and outcast has deepened my understanding of mission and the call to be a living witness of Christ in our society today.

Entering with the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary has been both an enriching and challenging experience and as I continue to walk in my journey towards becoming a religious I am confident that God who has led me to this path of life will fulfil all my dreams.



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