Our Mission

Many hearts... one fire...
Coming from different cultures we strive to witness to unity in diversity within our communities.
With hearts on fire to light up the world, we bring the Good News to the poor and God's love to those we meet.

This is our aim.
Women of faith we centre our mission in the Eucharist, the bread for our missionary journey.
We live our mission in communities of faith, in a spirit of minority, simplicity and integrity.

Our ministries, across Canada are in :

  • Pastoral Care
  • Health Care
  • Spirituality
  • First Nations People
  • Education
  • New Canadians
  • Refugees
  • The Church
  • Soup Kitchens
  • Street Women
  • The Needy
  • Youth
  • Prostitutes
  • Administration
  • Hospitality
  • Formation of FMM
  • Care of the elderly
  • Mission Awareness
  • Prisoners, etc....


By choice our ministries place us in solidarity with people who are marginalised, to be a voice with them in working for the transformation of unjust structures, to be engaged in activities that announce life and denounce all that threatens it, and to be non-violent artisans of peace and reconciliation.

We are in solidarity with marginalised people. Putting a human face and name to marginalisation means building relationships with Aboriginal people; with those who are homeless or in prison; persons with disabilities, women escaping domestic violence or working in prostitution; refugees, asylum seekers; newly arrived migrants and aged persons with limited resources.


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