Our vision

Not time for quitting... Time to risk....
A spark of life, a ray of hope....
Our light must shine into the darkness.

In ways of our time...

To continue the work of our Foundress ready to go throughout the world. The Eucharist sets our hearts on fire, challenges us and sends us in a spirit of giving and receiving. We journey in hope and joy, following the Franciscan way of minority and simplicity.

To participate in the universal mission of the Church to ignite faith and undertake it in a multicultural society which is searching for meaning. The fire and light of faith if it’s real it burns.

To strive to witness to unity in diversity within our communities. Women of faith with a contemplative outlook on life, we centre our vision on the Eucharist, the bread for our missionary journey.

To journey in joy, like Francis, with our brothers and sisters, share the hopes, aspirations and brokenness of our world.

And we challenge YOU
Are you a woman of faith and courage?
Are you attracted to the ideals of living community life?
Are you attracted to live a strong prayer life?
Do you feel called to living and working with people of different countries and cultures?
If you are why and who for?

You are interested in a project to journey with hope and joy and set the world on fire.... Risk to contact us at:  contactfmm@yahoo.ca

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